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Airbus A380-800

Quiet, Roomy and Luxurious

Bigger, quieter, and more luxurious that any of it's competitors; there's a reason why the Airbus A380-800 is at the top of its field. This double-decked, 4-engine jet, surpasses its competitors on so many levels. Currently the world's largest passenger airliner, holding between 525-835 people (40% more than its closest competitor- the Beoing 747-400) and with 49% more floor space of any other plane (478 square metres) this aircraft offers bigger seats, more personal space and even more storage.

As well as all the above, it can also boast being the world's quietest long-haul aircraft flying today, with less noise on take off and landing, making the journey pleasant from start to finish. With this aircraft providing the lowest fuel burn per seat and carrying 40% more passengers than any other commercial aircraft, there's less guilt about your impact on the environment.


The Airbus A380-800's impressive features don't end there. The interior of this plane, with its two decks, two stairways, wide aisles and LED mood lighting, mean that you won't even feel like you are flying. Space is guaranteed whatever the chosen airlines layout, with space even being designated for onboard areas such as bars, beauty salons, shops, and restaurants. In-flight entertainment of the highest level comes as standard and a modern air-con system paired with 220 large windows and ambient lighting means the atmosphere on board is light, airy and comfortable.


  • Holds 525 people (three-class configuration) or 853 people (economy class configuration)
  • 50% quieter than it's closest competitor
  • Double deck layout
  • 49% more floor space of any other airliner (478 square metros)
  • More personal storage, better head room and wider seats
  • Environmental-friendly with reduced C02 emmisions
  • In-flight entertainment