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Airbus A340-600

Long haul made easy

The Airbus A340-600 is the longest of the airbus family at 75.3 metres long. It boasts comfortable passenger spaces, top-notch technology and the ability to fly ultra-long haul. The largest capacity of any of its fellow family the Airbus A340-600 can hold up to 419 passengers (2 class layout) and claims to be unrivaled in standards of space, comfort, and amenities. With a range of 7,500 nautical miles, this jet really knows how to do long haul. Its ability to fly over oceans and mountains means less annoying stop overs and diversions on those long flights; not only does this cut down on time hanging around airports, it is also great for the environment with less travel time and less fuel consumption.


As well as getting you there quicker and in a more green fashion, the Airbus A340-600 also supplies your pilot with state-of-the-art technology on-board, meaning you can rest assured that you are in the most capable hands. Depending on your airline, more leg room is available for longer flights and various in-flight entertainment packages are also available. So whether its a short trip or a flight half way around the world, you'll be in safe hands with the Airbus A340-600.


  • Holds 390-419 passengers
  • Longest of all airbus' at 75.3 metres
  • Ultra long haul specialist
  • Four engines
  • Fuel-saving aerodynamic design