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Airbus A340-500

A Long Haul Specialist

The Airbus A340-500 is a four-engine, mid-sized jetliner that is used and preferred for ultra long haul flights. Holding up to 313 people (in a three class layout) this jet can fly on some of the world's longest non-stop routes, the longest of which being Singapore to New York and an epic 18 hour non-stop trip. For this reason, passenger comfort on this plane is of the upmost importance and has been Airbus' top priority in the design of the A340-500. With built in in-flight technology as standard and a spacious interior, you won't feel shut in on this flight.

Measuring 67.9 meters from nose to tail, and with a flexible seating layout, you can trust that whatever airline you fly with, they will adapt the Airbus A340-500 for pure comfort and relaxation. With 4 engines and a range of 9,000 nautical miles, non-stop flights are a breeze for the A3450-500, and a bigger fuel capacity means less annoying stop offs. So sit back, relax and settle in for the ride - next stop: holiday!


  • Seats up to 313 people
  • Ultra-long Haul
  • In-flight technology
  • Four engine
  • Range of 9,000 nautical miles