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Airbus A321-200

Modern, and eco-friendly

The Airbus A321-200, is a member of the modern Airbus A320 family. A single-aisle aircraft with a wide body (and a length of 44.51 m) this plane can comfortably carry up to 185 passengers in a two class layout. As well as being modern, the A320 family of planes are the world's most eco-friendly single-aisle planes in service. From short haul flights to Antarctic ice runways, this plane can handle it all, and without putting a strain on the environment.


Being green isn't the Boeing A321-200's only strong point; with a single aisle and long body not to mention it's wider seats and improved customer comfort, this really will be a relaxing flight. As well as this, passengers can expect a state-of-the-art cabin design, with a fresh, modern and airy interior. Better still, this new design means increased storage space for hand luggage, built in entertainment for all films, TV and radio, and improved soundproofing for all those sleepyheads who want to catch 40-winks. So sit back, relax and rest easy knowing that you and the environment are in safe hands with the Airbus A321-200.


  • Can carry up to 185 passengers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Modern and airy interior
  • Built in entertainment
  • Single-aisle layout