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Airbus A319-100

The Airbus A319-100 is part of the larger Airbus A319 family of aircraft. This relatively new family of planes are built for customer comfort and relaxation, seating up to 124 passengers (depending on class layout) with wide single aisle fuselage and overhead storage. Unlike a standard aircraft the A319-100 has a short body and can seat less passengers than its some of its rivals, but for short trips, or even long ones this aircraft comes up trumps with its spacious interior, and its wide aisles make for a quicker boarding on and off the plane.


Being the widest single-aisle plane currently in use means great things for passengers on the Airbus A319-100; comfort levels are at an all time high with its wide roomy seats, and extra-wide aisles as well as increased head room. The Airbus also offers passengers a fresh new design with increased overhead space for laptops and hand luggage, and reduction in cabin noise for a more peaceful pre-holiday nap. Don't worry if napping isn't your thing, you'll be able to check out the brilliant in-flight entertainment on mounted or individual seat screen (depending on your airline).


  • Wide seats and aisles
  • Reduction in cabin noise
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Single-aisle
  • Seats up to 124 passengers