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Edinburgh Undercover Airport Hotels

Add breakfast to your Undercover Hotel stay

If you want a great surprise that will save you money, book one of our Edinburgh Undercover airport hotels. They’re 3 and 4-star hotels that we already sell, but because we keep them anonymous until your booking is confirmed, we’re able to offer them at a discounted price.

What is an Undercover hotel?

Undercover hotels are exclusive to®. They're Edinburgh airport hotels already featured on our website, but the name is hidden. We tell you some information about the hotel, like the star rating, parking information and transfer details, however, we keep the name a secret until the booking has been made. Once your reservation has been processed, we’ll reveal the name of the hotel and provide you with all the details you need to know.

Different Undercover hotels

Add an airport lounge upgrade to your booking

Our on-airport hotels are located inside the airport perimeter. Some are within walking distance of the terminal, others are just a short transfer away.

Off-airport hotels are based outside the airport grounds but won’t usually be more than a few miles away. Transfers to and from the airport are often provided by the hotel for free, or at a reduced price.

You can book a room only deal with our Edinburgh airport Undercover hotels or combine it with a parking package for up to eight or 15 days. If you choose a parking package with an Undercover hotel, your car will be parked at the hotel or at a secured car park nearby while you’re away.


When you book your Undercover hotel at Edinburgh airport, you’ll be offered the chance to purchase a range of upgrades. You'll be able to add things like an airport lounge, travel insurance or holiday currency, all at great prices.