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Security at the Airport

Airport Security

So, you have booked your holiday, you have got your airport parking and/or airport hotel booked and you have completed your holiday checklist. The only thing left to do now is wait eagerly for the day of your flight. One thing worth baring in mind is the changing world that we live in and what effect this has on us all. With recent terror strikes, there are new laws in effect regarding what you can and can't carry onboard flights leaving the UK. It's worth having a look at the list below and making any alterations that you may have sooner, rather than later.

Key points to remember...

Airport Security

From 7th January 2008, the rules regarding hand luggage at UK airports was relaxed a little. The Maximum size for a piece of hand luggage is still 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but the restriction is now lifted from taking just one bag with you. Please Note: Airlines may still have their own set of rules regarding what you can actually carry on board a flight. Please contact your airline for specific arrangements.

Where possible, liquids should be placed in your hold baggage. This includes drinks, sprays, pastes and gels.

Any liquids that are essential hand luggage should be stored in individual containers of 100ml. All containers should fit inside a single transparent and re-sealable bag no larger than 20cm squared.

For full details, check the Department for Transport page.

Exceptions to the rules...

Airport Security

In some cases, there may be the need to take certain objects onto the flight that exceed the above limitations. We have compiled a list of relevant information which we hope should cover this...

Essential Medicines for the period of your trip which exceed the 100ml allowance will be permitted under certain regulations only. Passengers must first obtain a prior agreement with the airline itself as well as from the airport from which they are departing. Supporting documentation from a doctor will also be required.

Essential Medical Equipment can also be brought on to the flight if deemed essential for the duration of the trip. Where possible this should be put in one cabin bag. Again, supporting documentation from your GP should be included.

Baby Food may be brought onto the flight but must be verified by the accompanied adult.

Liquid Dietry Foodstuffs are permitted where essential but will need to be verified by the passenger.

Useful Links...

We hope that this guide has been comprehensive but we do understand that your holiday is precious and everything should be covered. If you have any further questions or queries relating to security issues (or any other issues in fact) onboard UK flights, we have listed a few useful links below that you might want to have a look at...

Having put your mind at ease, we would like to take this time to wish you all a happy holiday from all at Holiday Extras®. And next time you go away? Drop us a line for all your extra holiday add-on needs for the guaranteed best price.