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Airports By Rail from Folkestone

Never beaten on price

Plane to Train! Save £££'s when you travel to the airport with Airports by Rail from Holiday Extras®. Our great value airport rail fares make the perfect airport travel solution and include a special kids go free* offer! Let somebody else do the driving to the airport while you relax and enjoy the passing scenery outside the train window. Play travel scrabble with your family, read a book or take a nap as you travel to the airport. However you spend your time on the train from Folkestone train station to the airport, you can be certain you won't be worrying about busy motorway traffic, roadworks, map reading, etc. Travel to the airport by train and you can relax and arrive at the airport feeling refreshed and ready to start your holiday!

To make your Airports by Rail travel easy, flexible and convenient - Holiday Extras do not specify train travel times on your Airports by Rail tickets from Folkestone train station. Airports by Rail tickets are valid for travel on trains at any time on your chosen travel dates. For details of train timetables from Folkestone railway station, visit National Rail or call 08457 48 49 50.

There are 2 railway stations in Folkestone: Folkestone Central Train Station and Folkestone West Train Station.

Folkestone Central Train Station Address

Folkestone Central Rail Station, Station Approach, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 5HB

Folkestone Central Rail Station - Staffing Hours:

  • Monday-Saturday: 06:00-19:00
  • Sunday: 08:10-17:40

Folkestone Central Train Station Facilities:

  • There is a seated waiting area for passenger use and a waiting room is available when staff are present
  • Public toilets are available at this train station
  • There is a station buffet on the train station platform
  • The whole of Folkestone Central train station is step-free
  • There is a steep ramp for access to both platforms
  • Ramps for wheelchair access onto trains are available by calling Southeastern trains helpline in advance on 0845 000 2211

Folkestone West Rail Station Address:

Folkestone West Railway Station, Station Approach, off Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 3PA

Folkestone West Train Station - Staffing Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 06:20-13:30
  • Saturday: 07:30-14:40
  • Sunday: Closed

Folkestone West Train Station Facilities:

  • Seating areas are provided for passenger use
  • A waiting room is available at the train station when staff are present
  • Step-free access covers the whole of Folkestone West rail station
  • There is step-free access in the ticket office and train station car park
  • There are no disabled parking spaces or disabled toilets at Folkestone West train station
  • Ramps for wheelchair access to trains may not always be available - it is best to contact Southeastern trains in advance - Helpline: 0845 000 2211 for assistance