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Arrival Procedures

The car park has an automatic number plate recognition system, so make sure you enter your car registration number correctly when you make your booking. We recommend that, as always, you bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you. Drive up to the entry barrier and press the button for a ticket. Your registration number and booking reference will be printed on your ticket. Follow the signs to the nearest available spaces. Make a note of where you have parked and make your way to the nearest bus stop. If the machine doesn't recognise your car, you'll still be able take a ticket and park - you'll just need to speak to a member of staff when you come back from holiday.

Departure Procedures

All you need to do is collect your car and drive to the exit barrier. Put the ticket you took when you came into the car park into the exit slot. The barrier should lift. If it doesn't, or the machine displays a price, you should press the intercom and staff will help you. If your entry ticket doesn't have your booking reference printed on it, press the intercom and staff will help you. You'll just need to explain that you booked and paid for your parking in advance, and give them your booking reference. If you've parked for more time than you booked, you'll need to pay for the extra time before you go. The machine will show the amount in the exit column and you can pay by credit or debit card.