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Arrival Procedures

When you get to the Long Stay, drive up to the barrier and it will recognise your number plate, give you a ticket and raise. Make sure you keep the ticket safe as you'll need it to leave the car park on your return. It's important you give us your car registration number when you book to make sure the barrier recognises your number plate. Then, you just need to drive in and park your car in a space. If the machine doesn't give you a ticket, press the intercom button so you can speak to a member of staff. Make sure you have a copy of your booking confirmation with you just in case.

Departure Procedures

Once you've collected your luggage, walk back to the car park and pick up your car from where you left it. You don't need to go to the pay machines in the terminal, just drive to the exit barrier and put your ticket into the slot - the barrier will lift automatically. If it doesn't, press the intercom button. Make sure you have a copy of your booking confirmation with you. If you are delayed in returning to your car, the car park may charge you for any additional parking at their own rates, and the minimum charge may be more than the price for all your parking through us.