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If you’re looking for below average prices without having to settle for a below average service, off-airport parking at Leeds Bradford could be the solution. It is the cheapest of all the Leeds Bradford airport parking options, costing only £4.94 a day.

What is Leeds Bradford off-airport parking?

Off-airport parking is as simple as it sounds – it’s a car park which is outside the airport boundary. You might imagine a long drive to get from the car park to check-in, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Amazingly, the off-airport car park is actually the closest one to check-in, even closer than the on-airport car park! It’s only 0.8 miles away so the transfer takes just three minutes. The service is provided by Leeds Bradford LBA Car Watch who are responsible operators ensuring a safe environment for your car.

If it’s off-airport, what’s the security like?

The car park is totally secured so you can relax knowing your car is in safe hands. There are various measures in place to protect it including CCTV, fencing, floodlighting and regular patrols. As well as security guards, the staff are all experienced drivers. This means you can be confident that, once you’ve parked your car outside reception, it is then driven to its parking space with extreme care.

Great reasons to book Leeds Bradford off-airport car park...

  • A cheaper alternative to on-airport parking priced at £39.50 for eight days’ parking
  • Pay 60% less than the standard gate price
  • The 0.8 mile transfer to check-in only takes a few minutes
  • Transfer buses run round the clock
  • Fully secured environment including CCTV and fencing
  • Your car is parked for you so you are free to hop on the bus