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You've come to the right place if you are hoping to pre-book disabled parking at Doncaster airport. HolidayExtras.com® is committed to making sure that everything is done to make parking as easy as possible for you - the Doncaster Robin Hood car park helps us do just that being only a stone's throw from check-in.

What car park facilities are in place?

The Doncaster Robin Hood car park is equipped with disabled bays for Blue Badge holders and help buttons at the entry/exit barriers. However, you don't have to worry about whether the buses have adequate access because... there are no buses! The car park is just across the road from the terminal. The car park is also manned round the clock so please don't hesitate to signal if you require further assistance.

How secure is Doncaster disabled car parking?

It couldn’t be safer. Not only is it opposite the terminal with plenty of people milling around all the time, the operators have taken further precautions such as installing CCTV. In fact, the car park is deemed so secure that it received a national security award, the Park Mark®. This is a guarantee that the facility is regularly inspected by the police as well as the security guards who are present 24 hours a day.

Great reasons to book Doncaster disabled parking

  • Don't worry about the hassle of bus transfers – the car park is opposite check-in!
  • Disabled parking for Blue Badge holders and help buttons
  • Awarded a Park Mark®
  • Secured environment equipped with CCTV, barriers and regular patrols
  • Manned 24 hours a day for on hand assistance