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Relax In An Airport Lounge

Are you jetting away this year on holiday or business? Does the thought of hours in the airport leave you feeling agitated? Then Holiday Extras have just the thing to kick start your holiday!

Long haul flights can mean waiting in the airport for up to three hours prior to take off and occasionally even longer if there are any unexpected delays. Although modern airports have a range of amenities to suit the weary traveller, none are quite as effective as the haven of the airport lounge.

Holiday Extras offer airport lounges in 16 UK airports across the country and prices start from just £13.50 per person - excellent value for the comfortable and calm environment of an airport lounge.

You can stay in the haven of an airport lounge for up to three hours prior to your flight (perfect for those long haul flights) and all snacks and drinks are included in the price, so you can save all your money for your holiday!

Book your airport lounge online today with our simple to use online booking engine.

Published by: Samantha Gilmartin