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  • 76% of customers who left a review for Birmingham Airport Lounges would book again
  • 2183 customers have given an average rating of 4 out of 5
  • Aspire Lounge Excellent, but would have liked to have some reading material e.g. newspapers.

    Mr Woodhouse 22 Sep, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge This was the first time we had used an airport lounge and it was amazing and would highly recommend it to anyone

    Mrs Tongue 20 Sep, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge I expected more facilities from the description given. Was disappointed that we couldn’t toast the bread for breakfast and just had to have sliced bread with our cooked breakfast instead.
    Did enjoy the fruit and yogurt though.
    Also thought there would be newspapers and magazines available but I may have read that incorrectly

    Mrs Goddard 20 Sep, 2022 4 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Definitely book the lounge again. Friendly welcoming staff. Food and drinks very good only thing missed toast with breakfast

    Mrs Irving 19 Sep, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Food ok. Drinks not served to bar standards.
    Wouldn’t book this lounge again.

    Mrs Thomas 19 Sep, 2022 2 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Lots of dirty pots everywhere we had to move them so we could sit down . The bar was I’ll run and nota lot of choice, the food was cold

    Mrs Tyler 19 Sep, 2022 2 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge The lounge food was good, coffee was awful. The most disappointing thing was we weren’t allowed to use the relaxing area with comfy seating. Once shown to our table we had to stay there.

    Mr Middleton 19 Sep, 2022 3 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Not much on offer either not working or out stock

    Mr Cartwright 14 Sep, 2022 2 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Took the stress out of waiting for flight,food good and very calm area

    Mrs Binding 11 Sep, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge I'm very disappointed! We arrived at the lounge, expecting a nice relaxing time, only to be told that the booking was not confirmed and were refused entry, even though I had confirmation from Holiday Extra and payment was taken. We had to find alternative seating and food in a busy airport at a cost of over £200 for our party of 10. This was supposed to be a special family holiday as it was my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary and my nephew's birthday. The lounge manager said if we had booked through them directly, then they could have accommodated us, but as we booked through Holiday Extra, there nothing they could do. As I said, very disappointed.

    Mr Walder 09 Sep, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge The service was fair to bad and food very small selection with alot of products empty, granted it was 7am but this is supposed to be 24hr service, also kicked out after 2hrs exactly, not really first class service, sorry but honest feedback

    Mr Kent 09 Sep, 2022 2 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Having taken 3 hrs to get through checking and security at Birmingham airport, we had approx 40mins before our flight.
    Attended aspire longe and was told there is no hot food or drink. We asked for a refund, staff member stated that it was her supervisor who made decision, she also refused any details, as we had asked her for her Christian name or employee reference number , to add to email for reference
    for refund. When challenged under what legislation she was hiding behind, she threatened to call the police to get us removed, picking up the phone twice.
    Totally unacceptable behaviour and horrendous customer service
    We will never use this lounge again

    Mrs Aldridge 07 Sep, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Have sent an email of complaint

    Mr Healing 06 Sep, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Choice of food was limited. If you don’t like spicy food you have nothing else

    Ms Sowerby 05 Sep, 2022 3 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge It was useless. We’d booked in to have breakfast at 4:30am before our flight from Birmingham but a member of staff came out of the shuttered lounge at 4:45am to say that they would not be opening until 5:30am as they had no hot water. This was no use to my family of five as we’d be boarding our plane to Mallorca at this time. So we completely wasted our £112.46 and await the return of this money asap please. Reference DJTPZS. We had to hurriedly get breakfast from Costa which cost us another £40. A great start to our holiday!

    Mr Masters 04 Sep, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge View OK but food very poor. We tried this lounge but had used the alternative lounge many time before. Aspire is far inferior.

    Mr Goodman 02 Sep, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Never using this app as you Recommended the aspire lounge terrible experience

    Mr O'connor 31 Aug, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge First I contacted you to say that when we got to Birmingham airport that the lounge we booked was closed and I am still waiting for a refund of £60 pounds.

    Mrs Pugh 28 Aug, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Birmingham usless as usual half the staff at
    Check in were standing around talking to each other. Found Aspire Lounge ok first time at
    Aspire we will go back to the no 1 next year.

    Mr Owen 27 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Thoroughly enjoyed our Aspire lounge

    Mrs Mceachran 27 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Rude staff, no atmosphere, drinks were awful, only allowed 1 drink at a time, food was very poor, didn't feel like a "VIP " setting, the bar wasn't a proper bar, looked like a pasting table set up with a bowl of apples on. Warm glasses, no ice. The list of negatives is endless

    Miss Mcgrath 25 Aug, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge We arrived at Birmingham Airport checked in and proceeded to the lounge by 10.30
    We looked at the breakfast and there was
    Only Baked beans and srambelled eggs I asked about bacon and sausage to be told that as breakfast was nearly done there wouldn't be anymore.
    We were told by others that there was no bacon or sausage at 09.00am.
    The other food was swapped out and it wasn't great.
    I asked for two lagers and initially was told I could only have one then I was told that if it was for my partner I could have two.
    That same member of staff was the same one that rudely told me there wouldn't be anymore bacon and sausage.
    Not great value for money or experience.

    Mr/S Whitley 24 Aug, 2022 3 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Awful service. Express lounger awful. Waiting for a refund and call back

    Mr Patel 24 Aug, 2022 1 out of 5

  • Aspire Lounge Pleasant surroundings fair range of food and drinks a nice relaxing way to start our holiday. Would be better with a wider range of food.

    Mr Tomkins 23 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5