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Don't risk driving tired

Staying at an airport hotel before or after your flight not only provides a relaxing start or end to your holiday it also avoids the risk of driving when tired.

Government statistics shows that tiredness claims more lives on UK roads than alcohol, but research for Holiday Extras reveals that 64% of people still drive to the airport and risk driving tired.

Booking an airport hotel will not only mean you start your journey feeling refreshed and relaxed after a good night's sleep, it will also ensure you don't have to rush to the airport to catch your flight. Holiday Extras' independent research shows that travellers' greatest anxiety is arriving late at the airport or missing a flight.

With many holiday flights leaving early in the morning, booking an airport hotel ensures you don't have to get up too early and drive when you're not completely awake.

And when you return from your holiday on a flight that arrives late in the evening, staying in an airport hotel gives you a great chance to unwind and have a good rest before continuing on your journey home.

Another great option if you've got a flight that departs or arrives during the day is to book a day room at an airport hotel. This is particularly suitable for families with young children, business travellers or anyone on a long flight who wants to get a proper rest beforehand.