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We are a nation of obsessives when it comes to packing our suitcases.

A survey by Jet2holidays found that 27 per cent of people pack at least a week before their holiday and 31 per cent repack at least twice. The average Brit takes one hour, 16 minutes and 28 seconds to do the job.

75 per cent of Brits packing for holidays are neat and tidy, folding and rolling their clothes to make the most of the space.

13 per cent squash far too much in the bags and nine per cent couldn't care less what they arrive with - they just check everything in and hope for the best.

Just four per cent of holiday travellers underpack, taking very few items to leave plenty of space in their case.

Jodie Harris, marketing manager at, said: “It appears from our research that Brits are very particular and have high opinions of their suitcase-packing skills. We may not be the first to the pool or beach, but we can at least claim to be the masters of packing!”

The survey carried out by the North’s fastest growing tour operator also revealed that ladies were twice as organised as their blokes. 37 per cent of women packed their suitcases at least a week before departure, compared with 18 per cent of men.

But remember also to book your airport hotel early for your holiday .

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