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(4 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
2 miles
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90 483 9/10
customer rating

Presentation is paramount at the Pavillion Bar

How much can you say about a sandwich and some chips? Such simple bar food is beautifully presented, and the portion sizes are very generous. Plus, it tastes divine. Gone are the two slices of bread and meagre filling that made the fourth Earl of Sandwich famous; the HGI’s triple club sarnies come with a delicately dressed side salad and root vegetable crisps. The spicy potato wedges are served with ramekins of sweet chilli sauce and garlic mayonnaise for dipping; scrumptious!

Lunch is served in the Pavillion Bar lounge, with table service as standard. The bar seats 64 and offers a comprehensive menu of light snacks, starters, brunch options, soups and salads or heartier meals, aptly named ‘Lounge Food’. Dishes include curries, pizzas, pastas, classic sausage and mash. And if you fancy something sweet, a selection of desserts are available for £4.50 and under. The bar menu is very reasonably priced, and will keep you satisfied till supper.

Pavillion Bar

  • Open 11am to 10pm everyday

A sociable (and slightly swanky) space to wind down

Come evening time, sink into a leather sofa as you peruse the wine list, or perhaps a cocktail would go down well? The tasteful interior blends refreshing light blue decor and solid wood furnishings to create a sophisticated, yet calming area to relax in, with the stunning transparent fireplace taking centre stage. The open-plan design encourages a really sociable vibe to get you in the holiday mood as you sit among guests browsing the free internet from laptops, catching up with the latest news on the TV screens or simply chatting about their remarkably-good deal at the Hilton Garden Inn.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 21-07-2024, valid as of 19-05-2024