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You might not realise that you can afford to treat yourself to a room upgrade this summer when you stay at the Luton Days Inn.

By pre-booking those little extras that you usually leave until you reach the hotel, you can make great savings with Holiday Extras.

A room upgrade booked in advance costs just £10 so that you can watch the latest movie or surf the internet in comfort before your flight.

And for that extra touch of luxury, pre-order a bottle of wine for your room for only £16.50 or a bottle of top quality champagne for £49.95.

The Days Inn Hotel, Luton, is conveniently located in the heart of Luton, less than three miles from the airport. This 3-star hotel provides great service and comfortable facilities, and a relaxing start to your holiday.

Room at the Luton Days Inn Hotel with up to 8 days parking from £72*

*Please note: This price is correct for bookings searched on July 8, 2009. Prices are subject to change. Book the Luton Days Inn Hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.

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