Heathrow children head to Himalayas

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Twenty five school children from the Heathrow area have set off for India with BAA staff to help rebuild a primary school in the remote Himalayan Spiti Valley.

The 16 - 18 year olds will spend two weeks at the site in Himachal Pradesh. They will work on the primary school and also study for an ASDAN personal development qualification which is equivalent to AS Level.

The project is organised by the charity Fulcrum Challenge and sponsored by the BAA Communities Trust. Fulcrum’s Peter Cable, who is accompanying the students said:

“This is a brilliant opportunity, it’s all about personal development, and the students will be working as a team. I wish I had the opportunity when I was their age to get involved in this magnificent challenge..."

Eleanor Soames who attends the Bishop Ramsey School in Ruislip, commented, “I’m looking forward to the weather and experiencing the different culture. I joined this programme through school. I want to be more independent, my target is to make friends and learn new skills, as well as getting UCAS points for university.”

Fulcrum Challenge Ltd is a British charity which focuses on students' personal development and promotes an understanding of ethical and social responsibility. The Heathrow group will return to the UK on August 1 2008.

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