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Order your full English breakfast at the Heathrow Holiday Inn J4/M4 before you leave home, and you will save £3.45 per person when you pre-book with Holiday Extras.

That's enough to treat yourself to a drink at the airport or a magazine for your flight.

As a Holiday Extras customer, you can now book breakfast at the Heathrow Holiday Inn J4/M4 for £12.50 when you make your hotel booking, making things quicker, easier and cheaper when you get to the hotel.

The 4-star Heathrow Holiday Inn J4/M4 is a comfortable, contemporary hotel, located just over two miles from Heathrow airport. It's ideal for passengers flying from Terminal 5, as well as other Heathrow terminals.

This popular hotel provides three restaurants, a bar, a gym and a car rental desk.

Anna Divers, head of eCommerce at Holiday Extras, said: "We recognised the fact that once you get to the airport, all those extras that you pay for locally can really add up. You can often end up spending more on these than you did for your hotel room.

“Our Commercial team has gone out to our hotels and contracted some great deals, offering you a chance to pre-book additional extras and save money..."

And, if you'd like to add an extra after you've booked online, you can now view and amend your booking.

Room at the Heathrow Holiday Inn J4/M4 with parking for eight days from £79*, room with parking for up to 15 days from £89*

*Please note: These prices are correct for searches made on June 8, 2009. Prices are subject to change and availability. Book the Heathrow Holiday Inn J4/M4 Hotel in advance to secure the best price and availability.