Heathrow Crowne Plaza Day Rooms

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Heathrow airport Crowne Plaza

The Crowne Plaza at London Heathrow is offering rooms to help savvy travellers plan to keep the stress of returning from holiday to a minimum.

Day rooms are a boon for holidaymakers or business travellers driving a distance from their flight, particularly as Government statistics show that tiredness claims more lives on UK roads than alcohol, but research for Holiday Extras reveals that 64% of people still drive to and from the airport and risk driving tired..*

“...There’s plenty that even the most anxious of travellers can do to get their holiday off to a hassle free start,” says Matthew Pack, for Holiday Extras.

“The cost of staying in a hotel overnight or in a day room for a few hours is negligible when you consider the expense of the holiday or business trip in total. For business and leisure travellers it’s wise to play safe and get your journey off to a relaxed, stress-free start. The widespread availability of pre-booked parking, airport hotels, and day rooms offers an instant remedy to the problem.”

Treat yourself to a comfortable night relaxing at the luxurious Heathrow Crowne Plaza from only £60 a day, from 10am until 6pm.

**Please Note: Drivers will need to book their airport parking separately - Prices are subject to change - Book a Heathrow Airport hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.