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The Heathrow Crown Plaza was declared a winner of the Holiday Extras Customers’ Awards 2009, the UK’s ‘biggest and fairest’ travel award.

Eighteen thousand customers travelling via a UK airport cast votes in 10 different categories, ranging from best airport hotel, best UK airport, best airport parking and best airline, to the airline with the best cabin crew and those recommended as most family-friendly.

Travellers named the Crowne Plaza Heathrow as the best airport hotel in the UK.

The event took place on November 9, 2009 at the stylish Hempel Hotel in London. The ceremony was hosted by leading travel writer and TV personality Simon Calder, with awards presented by Holiday Extras' non-executive chairman Gerry Pack.

"We are extremely proud to present the first Holiday Extras Customers’ Awards to very deserving winners. These organisations have set a benchmark for top quality service which our customers have recognised,” said Gerry.

“I am delighted that the hotel should get such great recognition. The team, as in any hotel, work really hard and will be thrilled to be voted the best airport hotel,” added Crowne Plaza general manager Nick Campbell.

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