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We had snow before the Christmas songs had even properly started - and according to the long range weather forecast, we're going to get it again.

The UK forecast for the rest of December features snow - heavy at times - wind, rain, frost, ice and below average temperatures for the time of year.

All this is bad news for holidaymakers planning a Christmas break - as bad weather can disrupt not only your flight itself but your journey to the airport too.

If you don't want to run the risk of being horribly delayed by the weather and missing your flight, then why not book a room in one of our Heathrow airport hotels? Then you can start your holiday relaxed, safe in the knowledge that you're just a few miles from the terminal.

And no, it isn't too late to book - we've still got plenty of great deals available - but the hotels are starting to fill up, so it's best not to delay too much longer.

Prices for a room on Thursday, December 23 with eight days' parking include:

Crowne Plaza: £96
Undercover four-star hotel: £89
Heathrow Windsor Marriott: £119

These prices are correct on December 13, 2010. Prices may change. The earlier you book, the better prices and availability are likely to be.