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Russ Hill Charlwood Surrey RH6 0EL

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Ever arrived at your hotel and been shocked by the cost of meals and room upgrades? With Holiday Extras' new add-ons service, you will not longer run such a risk, since customising your stay can be completed before you travel.

Travellers staying at the Russ Hill Hotel before flying from London Gatwick Airport can now book a two-course evening meal in advance for a great value price of £12.50 per person. Enjoying a delicious meal among the chic surroundings of the hotel's Ruspers Restaurant will ensure the evening before flying is one of relaxation, free from any last-minute travel worries.

Located only five-and-a-half miles from London Gatwick Airport, the Russ Hill Hotel is a firm favourite with Holiday Extras customers, who find the great value accommodation and picturesque setting among the Surrey countryside the ideal location to get their holiday off to the perfect start.

Here you will be able to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, waking fully refreshed and ready to fly. Plus, the hotel is located just a short drive from the airport, so there will be no need to rush to the terminal on the day of departure.

Room with up to eight days parking at Russ Hill Hotel from only £63.50*

*Please note: This price is correct for bookings searched on January 12, 2011. Prices are subject to change. Book the Russ Hill Hotel in advance to secure the best price and availability.