101 holiday ideas for 2009

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With the New Year well under way, many people will be looking towards their holiday in 2009 as the potential highlight for the year ahead. But where to go?

A new website launched by experienced travel writers David Wickers and Mark Hodson will hold the perfect answer. Simply visit www.101holidays.co.uk.

"We have pooled our knowledge of the holiday scene to make what had to be a ruthless cull. The site is simple: it aims to present choices of where to go, and which travel company does it best," explains Wickers.

"There are thousands of tour operators and destinations out there, all vying for your custom, and it's a struggle to know where to go and who you should book with," continues Hodson. "Searching online can be frustrating and confusing. We've simplified the whole process by selecting our take on the best around the world."

For even more ideas of where to visit, Holiday Extras has created a new 25 must-see destinations list detailing the favourite holiday spots for a selection of leading journalists, editors and more.

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