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Bostock's Lane, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4EP

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(3 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
5 miles
from the airport
86 122 9/10
customer rating

Parking at its best

If you’re planning to stay at the Best Western Nottingham Derby the night before your holiday, you'll be delighted to know that parking with Jetparks Plus at East Midlands airport comes hand in hand. The hotel and parking deal is a great way to save money and ensures you have a space booked with a fantastic official East Midlands Airport car park. The price you pay when booking Jetparks Plus alongside your room at the Best Western is significantly lower than if you were to book your parking on the day you arrive. You will jet off with the piece of mind that you are parked safely and securely and you have extra pennies in your pocket to spend on holiday.

Super safe security measures

Jetparks Plus car park is an official East Midlands car park so the security features they employ are second to none:

  • Park Mark Award for safer parking
  • Security barrier for restricted access
  • CCTV coverage of the car park
  • Full security fencing of the perimeter
  • Regular staff security patrols

The location of the Best Western Nottingham Derby is ideal for an overnight stay prior to checking into JetParks Plus Car Park. The hotel is only a 10 minute drive to East Midlands Airport where the car park is located. From there, once you are parked, all that is left to do is hop on to the transfer bus for a short, 6 minute ride to the terminal.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

Arrival: Drive up to the entry barrier. Your car registration will be read by the car park's automatic number plate recognition machine, which will give you a ticket. This will take up to a minute. Make your way to any space and park your car. Keep your ticket safe, as you will need it when you return.

If the machine doesn't give you a ticket, press the assistance button and explain that your car hasn't been recognised. You'll be asked to confirm your details, including your car registration number, so you should bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you. The machine will then give you a ticket as normal.

Don't insert your credit or debit card into the barrier at any point or you will be charged again for your parking.

Departure: Just catch the shuttle bus back to the car park, make your way back to your car and drive to the exit barrier. Insert the ticket you were given when you arrived; the barrier should lift automatically. This can take up to a minute. If it doesn't, or it asks you to pay anything, press the intercom button to speak to a member of staff. Again, you should have a copy of your booking confirmation with you.

Don't insert your credit or debit card into the barrier at any point or you will be charged again for your parking.

Best Western Nottingham Derby with parking at JetParks 2 room-only procedures

On the day of your stay

Make your way to the Best Western - your booking confirmation will include directions and a postcode for satnavs.

Overnight parking at the hotel is free.

Getting from the hotel to the airport

Drive to JetParks 2, where your car will stay for the duration of your trip.

Catch the shuttle bus to the airport, which takes 10 minutes and runs every 15. A return journey is included in the price.

If you arrive at JetParks 2 and the car park is closed, please park in JetParks 1 which is just next door.

Coming home

Catch the bus where it dropped you off back to the car park to collect your car.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 15-09-2024, valid as of 16-07-2024