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A stay at the Winford Manor Hotel Bristol airport wouldn't be complete without tasting some of their freshly cooked dishes and local foods. Better still, not only do you get to enjoy a meal that's been cooked for you, you get to enjoy it while overlooking the stunning views of Chew Valley and the hotel's delightful gardens.

Winford Manor Hotel Bristol airport restaurant


Breakfast is served in the manor house's Atrium.
Continental breakfast is included in the price of your booking. It's served as early as 3am till 9.30am every day.
English breakfast is £5.75 and is available from 7am to 9.30am every day.

Winford Manor's snack menu

If you've missed breakfast or fancy a snack, head to the Atrium from noon. You can get snacks right up until 9.30pm.

What's available? Here's just a few things you can have - the menu changes from time to time.

Maybe you're not starving, but fancy a little nibble? The starter plates would be perfect. Choose from olives and sun dried tomatoes, charcuterie with homemade chutney, terrine of the day with homemade chutney or soup of the day. All of these are served with freshly baked breads.

You can also have cold filled baguettes or hot filled panini served with salad and coleslaw. Or perhaps you would prefer one of the freshly prepared salad bowls?

A small selection of hot meals are on offer too - honey baked ham, eggs and chips, the Winford Burger, risotto or fresh egg pasta with a choice of sauces.

Dine at the Winford Manor Hotel Bristol airport;


The Labyrinth Restaurant welcomes guests for dinner from 6pm to 9pm every evening.

As a starter how does pork and apricot terrine wrapped in bacon with chutney sound? Perhaps smoked salmon and rice croquettes with creme fraiche and caviar instead?
Main dishes include pan roasted duck, roast rump of lamb or grilled mackerel. All the main courses come with new potatoes and a selection of vegetables.
There are also steaks made with Somerset beef, or if you're a vegetarian, there's a whole chunk of the menu just for you.
After all that, you may just have a little room for a dessert. And, when you see what desserts are on offer, you'll definitely make room for one. Some of them include creme caramel with a tuille biscuit, pear and almond tart with vanilla ice cream or chocolate and hazelnut tart with Guinness ice cream. All desserts come with a shot of the Winford Manor's dessert wine.