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Airparks Return Greet Glasgow Airport

This parking service is no longer running. Please take a look at more Glasgow airport parking options. Think of Airparks Glasgow - the round-the-clock transfers included in the price, the award-winning security, the unbeatable prices. Glasgow airport parking can't get any better, right? Wrong. With our Airparks Glasgow Return Greet package, when you come back from holiday, we'll bring your car to the terminal. You'll be on your way home before you can say: "Where did that come from?"

Happy with service tho car park a bit difficult to find and car was in adjacent hotel car park and not in airport parking as i expected

Mr Cox (Glasgow Airparks Glasgow return greet)

Everything was perfectly smoothly handled. Getting into our own car at the airport was a small thing which made a big difference at the end of a long day. If you can get the airport to let you drop people at the departure gates or near T2 then you will have the perfect service.

Mr Hunter (Glasgow Airparks Glasgow return greet)

Fantastic service. The return greet is just what you need when you come back from holiday. It saves so much time and gets you on the road so quickly - it's Ideal.

Mr Law (Glasgow Airparks Glasgow return greet)

Very efficient service, no waiting when we arrived back from our holiday, I would definitely use again.

Mr Harbut (Glasgow Airparks Glasgow return greet)

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Overall rating: 86% by 21 guests

Reasons to book Airparks Glasgow Return Greet

  • Like the idea of getting home FAST from your holiday - you need the return greet package. Have an experienced Airparks driver meet you outside airport terminal on your return. 
  • Transfers when you need them, taking around 6 minutes.
  • Excellent security with CCTV, fences and floodlights.

Arrival at Airparks Glasgow Return Greet

Pull up to the barrier and it will read your number plate and lift to let you in. If you have any problems, press the intercom button. Drive in and park then head to reception to book your shuttle bus. It runs when needed, takes 6 minutes and is included in the price.

The sign at the entrance says to go to reception first to request a bus while you park your car, but you don't have to do this. It's just a timesaving feature that can be useful if you're in a group.

Getting to and from Glasgow airport

Arriving at the car park

Drive to the car park - driving directions and a postcode for your satnav will be on your booking confirmation. The barrier will recognise your car reg and lift automatically. Drive in, park in any space and keep your keys.

Then, catch the included shuttle bus to the terminal from reception. It runs when needed 24 hours a day and takes 6 minutes.

Returning to the car park

When you return, once you've collected your luggage, call the car park to request a pick up. Catch the shuttle bus back to the car park from bus stop 5 outside arrivals. Drive to the barrier which will lift, then drive home.

On your return to Airparks Glasgow Return Greet

Call #6107 from the free phone in baggage claim ad quote your booking reference. You will be met with your vehicle on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park, immediately opposite the terminal. You'll need to give the driver your ticket.
Please note:
Customers who will be using the Airparks transfer bus as a part of their journey to the airport must be advised that skis, snowboards, bicycles, surfboards or anything as large/larger than these items will not allowed on the bus. To avoid this, you can drop large items off at the terminal with a passenger and then drive your car to Airparks.
If you return earlier than planned, please contact the car park to ensure your car is ready for collection.

More information

We recommend that you allow 40 minutes from the time you check in to the car park to the time you arrive at the airport.
Airparks is unable to carry bikes, surfboards, canoes or other large objects which do not fit onto luggage racks on its buses. If you are bringing large items with you we suggest you drop them off at the airport before parking your car or take advantage of the Airparks Return Greet service. Remember to check beforehand that your airline will accept large objects for carriage.
Airparks cannot accept any vehicle with a taxi licence plate - these can only be driven by the licence holder.

Airparks Glasgow Return Greet Address

Burnbrae Drive,


Longitude -4.48130
Latitude    55.83880