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It's often the little extras that we not only remember but appreciate most, and holidaymakers are no different. Remember to include the following products in the original holiday quotation, as these not only bring real benefits for the customer, but will increase your commission. These additional items could bring in up to £35 extra commission for the agent on a single booking, all in one system.

So remember to ask the following:

How are you getting to the airport?

Pre-booking with can save up to 60% on the gate price. It's not only less hassle, but usually cheaper than getting a taxi to the airport.

Early flight?

Offer an airport hotel overnight stay to cut the stress of waking at dawn and battling early morning traffic. There are some fantastic deals, particularly if you choose an 'undercover hotel' where the hotel name is not specified in advance, but ensures customers experience convenience and 4 or 5-star luxury.

How much does it cost for a sandwich and glass of wine at the airport?

Many of our customers find that booking a lounge at the airport is a great way to get their holiday off to the perfect start. Avoid the crowds, keep the children calm and ensure no-one gets lost from only £14.50 per person.

Are you insured?

Our award-winning travel insurance is a must for anyone travelling abroad. In addition, many policies offer to cover children up to the age of 18 FREE of charge.

Not working with us already?

If you would like to talk further about how to save your customers money while increasing your revenue, please call our agent support team on 01303 815 312 or email us at [email protected].