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Coventry Airport Information

Five million people live within an hour's drive of Coventry airport, and 15 million within 1hr 20 mins. Coventry Airport the airport has recently begun the first of the winter routes airline, the first leisure airline to operate from Coventry airport - a daily flight to Amsterdam.

The route links Coventry with one of the world's largest hubs, Amsterdam Schiphol - providing connections to destinations around the world.

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Coventry Airport Terminal Facilities

A new facility is located at Coventry Airport South.

Skypartners provides food, drinks and shops in two locations at Coventry airport - in Rapide House, accessible to both departing and arriving passengers and in the airport departure lounge.

The facilities :The Skybar - open from 11am - 11pm.

The Dakota Diner: self-service restaurants Shopping: gifts, newspapers, magazines and books. Opening times: 4:30am until the last passenger aircraft arrival 7 days a week.

Coventry Airport Security Arrangements/Check-in

15,000 banned items are being confiscated every day from passengers, at Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick airports alone. The whole system has slowed down because people are still carrying sharp objects in their hand luggage. In the UK an extra £30m of additional investment has been ploughed into airport security and improving surveillance at the major airports. Tighter security measures at UK Airports means that checking in for your flight at Coventry airport can take longer.

Baggage Allowances/Luggage Restrictions

Aberdeen airport hand luggageThe majority of airlines base their allowances on recommendations from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). If your hold baggage is heavier than the allowance, the airline is entitled to charge an excess baggage charge. If your cabin luggage is overweight or too big, you might be asked to check it in to the hold. If doing so takes your hold luggage above your hold baggage allowance, you might have to pay excess baggage charges.

Coventry Airport Special Needs

If you are a passenger and a wheelchair user or have reduced mobility contact their Call Centre to request assistance at Coventry airport. Telephone: 0870 1900 737.

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