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FREE Cancellation
Available on all hotel packages except those marked can't cancel, can't amend
to the airport

Perfectly located only half a mile from the airport, the Hampton Hotel offers an excellent parking package. Park your car overnight at the hotel's on-site car park and when you are ready to depart the hotel, call Flyparks and drive less than a minute to the terminal where you will be met by one of Flypark's fully qualified Meet and Greet drivers.

You continue on your travels, whilst they deal with the hassle of parking your car. When you return to the airport, your car will be ready and waiting for you.

Book this Exeter airport parking for the ultimate in stress-free travel.

Reasons to book

  • Avoid the hassle of parking and be met at the airport terminal on your departure and return.
  • Just a 20 metre walk to the terminal entrance.
  • Pre-book now to save money on this fantastic Meet and Greet service.
  • Your car is stored in a fully secured car park.

It couldn't be easier

Give Flyparks a call on 07912 944527, 20 minutes before you expect to arrive at the terminal, drive the half a mile distance to the airports Short Stay car park, which is just 20 meters from the terminal entrance, where you will meet the trusted Flyparks driver. Don’t forget to pass the ticket issued at the entrance back to the Fly Parks driver as he will need this to exit with your vehicle.

On your return, once you've cleared customs, call 07912 944527 to let the drivers know you are ready and your car will be returned to you at the short stay car park

Please note that you will need to pay £1 to exit the pick-up area of the Short Stay car park.

If you can’t get through on the above number please call 01392 363303. In all instances it is imperative that you contact Flyparks 20 minutes before arrival in order to avoid delays.