Airport Hotels with Parking

Terms and conditions

Airport Hotels including holiday parking

Car parking arrangements vary for each hotel and parking will not always be at the hotel. Please make sure you know exactly what your arrangements are before you book your hotel with parking.

  • Parking is always at the vehicle owner's risk.
  • Hotels own car parks are unsecured unless otherwise stated.
  • Where an airport hotel with parking package uses a secured car park, this is clearly stated, and cars are parked subject to the conditions and insurance arrangements of the individual car park.
  • If you book a hotel with secured car parking, you will often park for the night of your stay in the hotels own car park, which is unlikely to be secured.
  • Where parking is offered as an 8 or 15 day option or inclusive package, the full 8 or 15 days does not have to be used, but there is no reduction in price if it is not.
  • If you leave your car for longer than the duration included, you are likely to be charged locally by the hotel or car park for any extra days used.
  • Car Keys: In the interests of efficient operation be prepared to leave your car keys with the hotel, or car park staff, if requested to do so.