Airport lounges Terms & Conditions

1. The Holiday Extras® price includes: Snacks provided by the lounge and all drinks, except Champagne.

2. Directions: Please make sure you have directions to your lounge. Directions are included on your customer booking confirmations.

3. Airside/Landside: Airside lounges are after Passport Control and can only be used by customers with a valid boarding card. They are not always suitable for domestic flights. Landside lounges are before Passport Control and can be used by people who are not travelling or people on domestic flights. Where disabled facilities are provided please ensure these are suitable for your individual needs.

4. Smoking: It is illegal to smoke in any UK airport terminal building, including the airport lounges.

5. Dress/behaviour: Lounges have a smart/casual dress code and expect reasonable behaviour from guests. In particular, the wearing of shorts and/or baseball hats are not accepted. Lounge staff reserve the right to refuse admission.

6. Luggage: For security reasons, you must take all of your luggage with you if you leave the lounge, even if you plan to return.

7. Announcements: Lounge staff may announce your flight but cannot guarantee to do so. Some lounges have flight information screens but you are responsible for catching your flight.

8. Business facilities: Lounges have a range of business services including telephones. If you use these, you must pay for them when you leave the lounge.

9. Arrival times: You can arrive at your lounge up to three hours before your flight, subject to lounge opening times. Please make sure you have made a note of the opening and closing times for your lounge (these are provided on your confirmation voucher). Please note that the opening and closing times printed are subject to seasonal change.

10. Children: Some lounges restrict access for children. Where children are allowed access an adult must accompany them at all times. Please check before booking.

11. Toilet facilities: Not all lounges have toilet and bathroom facilities.

12. Use of the lounge: Is subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant lounge operator.

13. Groups: No group of seven passengers or more (including groups made on multiple bookings) will be allowed entry to an airport lounge, unless prior authorisation has been granted before booking and arrival. Should prior authorisation not be requested, the lounge reserves the right to decline entry.

Cancellations, amendments and refunds

You cannot get a refund or amend a lounge booking within 24 hours of the arrival date printed on your booking confirmation, or at any time thereafter.

If you choose to cancel or amend your booking (subject to availability) before this time then please be advised that this may be subject to additional charges.

Any refund due to you will be paid within 28 days of the date on which you cancelled your booking.

If you have any further queries regarding a booking you have made, please contact us.