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Copthorne Effingham swimming pool

Are you looking for a Gatwick hotel with a swimming pool?

Swimming is one of the few ways of getting exercise that improves your all-round fitness and well being - a good swim the evening before your flight can be an excellent stress relief and ensure a good night's sleep.

Swimming is so good at helping us relax because it uses all the major muscle groups - a demanding aerobic exercise that helps to keep your heart and lungs healthy. Regular swimmers won't want to miss out on the usual morning swim, and for those who don't have the opportunity to get to the pool regularly, enjoying a swimming pool as part of your airport stopover is an opportunity not to be missed!

Book the night before your flight at a Gatwick hotel that has a swimming pool and swim away the tensions of the day and any flight associated anxiety.

Here are two excellent airport hotels that provide good leisure facilities that include a pool:

The Gatwick Crowne Plaza Hotel priced from £87 inclusive of 8 days parking*

This hotel provides a stylish oasis for guest with one of the biggest swimming pools at Gatwick. Contemporary guest rooms include flat screen plasma television and White Company toiletries along with the usual amenities.

The Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel priced from £99 inclusive of 8 days parking*

Pictured above. The Copthorne Hotel Effingham Hotel offers great facilities including the swimming pool and nine-hole golf course.

*Please note: This price is correct for bookings searched on March 10, 2011. Prices are subject to change. Book a Gatwick hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.