Price Forecast Tool

Check how airport parking prices are expected to change between now and your departure date.

Is today the cheapest possible time to book?

Current status:
Price Forecast: Completed (Gatwick only - more airports to follow)
Price Alert: In development

Holiday Extras are always working tirelessly to keep prices as low as possible - staying ahead of the market, negotiating the best deals and offering our customers a service and value which delights them. We want travellers in the UK to be entirely confident that, when they book with Holiday Extras, they are spending their money as wisely as possible.

To help in this mission, we are developing a tool which will put greater power in the hands of travellers with better knowledge of how airport parking prices in our market change.

Prices for airport parking fluctuate throughout the year dependent upon seasonal popularity and the availability at each service/facility. It is usually safe to assume that, as soon as you know your flight dates, the earlier you book, the better the price you will pay, because availability is more plentiful. But purchasing behaviour at certain times can also influence the prices dictated by parking providers.

Holiday Extras Price Forecast Recommends Booking Today

Are last-minute deals a reality? Or do you end up paying more if you leave it to the day before? Will you save more if you book before peak holiday season kicks off? The ‘Holiday Extras Price Forecast’ will give you much better insight into the up-coming trend of these prices and the greatest confidence possible that when you search for airport parking, you know you are getting the best price you can.

When you enter the date of your flight, Holiday Extras will show you how we predict prices to change between now and your travel date, so we can recommend when is the optimum time to book the service you want at your departure airport. This information is based upon our extensive database of historical prices for parking at all major UK airports. We refer to thousands of purchase and stay date prices and calculate how we predict these will behave.

If we anticipate prices are likely to fall before you are due to fly, you can then set a Holiday Extras alert which will email you on the date(s) we suggest will offer a lower price. If we think today is the best time to book, we will tell you so, and you will be able to see exactly why we believe this is the case.

Holiday Extras Price Forecast Recommends Scheduling a Price Alert

We believe everybody should have the tools at their disposal to be able to spend their money as best they can.