Ryanair Survey Results

Ryanair check-in

Ryanair has today announced the results of its recent poll questioning whether passengers on short haul flights would forego seating in exchange for free travel.

Over 80,000 respondents (66%) said that they would stand on short one-hour flights if there were no charge; 42% of those questioned would stand if it meant half the standard fare; while 60% believe that passengers should be given the option between standing and sitting.

Stephen McNamara of Ryanair, said: "Ryanair offers passengers the guaranteed lowest fares and we are pleased that 60% of participants in our online poll agree that people should be given the choice to travel fare free on short flights by standing if they want to.


"With 120,000 passengers voting and 80,000 saying they would stand on board, Ryanair will continue to explore the concept of 'fare free standing' flights with Boeing and the relevant aviation authorities in the US and EU."

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July 22, 2009

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