Green holiday tips

Still looking for more tips on staying green when you arrive on holiday? Want to play a bigger part in making a difference?

This page features a number of extra pieces of advice that you can take on board to help 'greenify' your holiday. These tips are from

1. Buy locally. Buying locally-made souvenirs and eating and drinking at local cafes and restaurants are great ways to benefit the local community.

2. Respect the local culture and traditions. Dress and act appropriately for the place that you are visiting, do a little background reading before you go away, or ask your holiday representative for advice.

3. Please use water sparingly. Take short showers rather than baths, and inform staff if you are happy to reuse towels and bed linen rather than having them replaced daily. Many hot countries suffer from periods of drought and this will help to conserve water.

4. Please try to remove packaging from items that you are taking away with you. Many countries are currently unable to cope with high levels of waste, and do not have recycling services as we do in the UK.

Green holiday tips

5. Book excursions with local suppliers and tour guides. It will enrich your experience and help to support the local economy. If booking via your holiday company, ask your holiday representative or at your hotel reception if the excursions use local suppliers. Hire a car only if you have to, since it's much more environmentally-friendly to use public transport, cycle or walk to explore the area you are visiting.

6. Turn down/off heating and air-conditioning when not required, and turn off the TV rather than leaving it on standby.

7. If you enjoy snorkelling, please do not step on, touch or remove any coral. It is extremely fragile.

8. Please do not have your photo taken with any 'wild animals'. These animals are often taken from the wild when young, and are often mistreated and killed when they get too large or difficult to handle.

9. If you are going on safari, book your trips with a licensed and trained guide so that you can enjoy your day out and the wild animals are not disturbed or threatened by your presence.

10. Please don't buy products made from endangered or wild animals and plants, including coral, shells, starfish, horns, teeth and animal skins and fur. Endangered plants and animals need our help to protect them.

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