Airport Flight Delays

As the country remains besieged by winter weather, passengers are experiencing more and more airport delays. Rough weather isn't the only cause of airport delays though. As airports get busier terminals get more and more crowded.

In 2005 More than 10 per cent of holiday flights in and out of British airports were at least an hour late last summer, according to figures published by the Airport Transport Users Council. Some charter carriers had to contend with more than a quarter of flights being delayed for at least 60 minutes.

If this trend persists then it would be wise for travellers to pack more forms of diversion for the kids. Toys, games and books that can be easily accessed from carry on baggage. Most UK airports airport lounges that can offer diversions for adults and some can offer great areas for the children as well.

Next time you are booking your holiday flight - book an airport lounge at the same time - You can book places in an airport lounge in advance. If your flight is delayed you can relax in the knowledge that you made a good decision and saved yourselves the hassles and pressures that come with flight delays. Snacks and drinks are included in the price and you get up to 3 hours in the Lounge. Book your airport lounge with Holiday Extras - You won't regret it.