Ecotourism and green travel: your tips

By Jonathan Clarke

Ecotourism and green travel: your tipsWhile our guide aims to be as complete as possible, there's bound to be a few things we've missed.

Maybe you've a tip for saving energy at home while you're away that significantly cuts your costs? Perhaps you've found the best carbon offsetting company or you think you know which airline has the best green policies.

Whatever your thoughts about our guide and green travel, we'd love to hear from you and will publish any comments on this page.

Make Holidays Greener

Make Holidays Greener is an annual campaign organised by the Travel Foundation with the aim of encouraging holidaymakers to do just one thing to help benefit the local people and protect the environment in their holiday destinations. Over the years, has appealed to British people to share their ideas for making travel more sustainable. Here are the ten best green travel tips sent in by you:

  • Roll any clothing rather than folding to travel lighter
  • Share books and magazines on holiday with other travellers
  • Only flush the toilet in your room when necessary
  • Eat in local restaurants
  • Take local buses rather than lots of taxis
  • Remove packaging from items you are taking to reduce waste
  • Let your hair dry naturally
  • Respect local beaches and attractions
  • Save water by showering with a friend!
  • Buy local food and trips

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Top tip
Please use water sparingly. Take short showers rather than baths, and inform staff if you are happy to reuse towels and bed linen rather than having them replaced daily.

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