Packing your bags in an eco-friendly way

By Jonathan Clarke

Eco-friendly packingPerhaps surprisingly, how you pack your bags before you go on holiday can make a not insignificant difference.

The first, and most obvious, tip is try to pack as light as possible. A lighter plane is one that uses less fuel. Cutting out any unnecessary packaging on anything you've bought for your holiday can help a great deal. This is beneficial in that it both reduces weight and stops you bringing waste into the country you're visiting.

"Perhaps the best tip for travelling light is to ensure you only bring the essentials."

Perhaps the best tip for travelling light is to ensure you only bring the essentials. There's no point taking items that'll never leave your bag.

Try and cut down on the size of everything. Do you really need a full size bottle of shampoo, or will a smaller travel size version suffice? You can apply the same philosophy to everything you pack. Try and take as little as possible. You'll be surprised at how much difference it can make.

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Top tip
Buying locally made souvenirs and eating and drinking at local cafes and restaurants are great ways to get into the holiday spirit, and also benefit the local community.

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