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PM outlines security plans

Prime minister Gordon Brown has announced plans for heightened security at airports and train stations.

The prime minister has outlined the government's plans to combat terrorism, which will involve security enhancements at airports across the UK.

In a speech to the House of Commons, Gordon Brown said a security review had identified a need to step up physical protection against possible terrorist attacks on airports, train stations and other major travel hubs.

New barriers will be installed to protect against vehicle bomb attacks, there will be additional baggage screening and passenger searches, airport and station operators will be given advice on how to improve their resilience against attack and local authorities will be required to assess the measures they have taken to protect against terrorism.

Mr Brown said the improved security measures would be imposed at airport terminals, railway stations – focusing first on the 250 busiest terminals – and UK ports.

The prime minister also referred to fears that enhanced security will make travelling more problematic for the public and stressed that efforts will be made to minimise disruption at airports and stations.

"Just as we are constantly vigilant to the ways in which we can tighten our security, so too we must ensure that the travelling public are able to go about their business in the normal way," he said.

Mr Brown also confirmed some good news for passengers and said that work is to begin on the progressive lifting of the 'one bag per passenger' rule.

"Starting with several airports in the new year, we will work with airport operators to ensure all UK airports are in a position to allow passengers to fly with more than one item of hand luggage," the prime minister said.

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