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New premium service on Austrian flights

Austrian Airlines will offer new premium options on its longer medium-haul flights from September 2008.

Austrian Airlines has announced that its longer medium-haul flights will offer a premium service option from September 2008.

The carrier is converting four of its Airbus A320 aircraft on a staged basis over the next year, equipping its business class areas with 24 sleeper seats.

These seats will provide state-of-the-art features including a backrest set at a particular tilt to offer maximum comfort, an integrated massage function and 116cm of legroom.

Business passengers who pay for premium seats will also be able to access an integrated PC socket and a personally operable DVD player.

There will also be food and drink options designed to match flight durations and specific cultural requirements.

Alfred Otsch, chief executive officer of Austrian Airlines, said: "With our converted Airbus A320 aircraft, we want to offer passengers on flights lasting between three and a half and six hours increased levels of comfort, privacy and exclusivity, thereby setting another milestone in our quality and service offensive.

"Our new service features will enable business passengers on these longer routes to travel in the knowledge that they will reach their destination in a relaxed, stress-free condition."

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