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Cheap airlines 'revolutionised holidays'

Budget airlines have completely revolutionised the UK's holiday market, changing the way holidaymakers plan vacations.

That's the opinion of easyJet's press office manager, Samantha Day. She explained that passengers are now in the habit of looking to book flights and holidays early because they know this is when they can get the lowest prices.

"With low-cost airlines it is best to book in advance for the best prices. People are incentivised financially to book and make those decisions early," Ms Day commented.

"I think the concept of low-cost airlines' pricing has really changed the industry. The industry is 11 years old now and initially it was a challenge to change behaviour, but generally now people are looking to book further in advance to get the best deals."

Ms Day added that people were currently planning winter holidays because they could pick up cheap flights at the moment.

"The likes of Morocco and southern Spain will be particularly popular," she added.

"We are also launching new flights to Madeira this winter so again that is a winter sun destination that we expect to be popular."

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