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More transparent plane tickets

The European Union has introduced a new law which aims to make air fares more transparent.

Earlier this week, the European Parliament adopted the new rules, which should force airlines to clearly explain "all taxes, fees and charges added to the ticket" when advertising ticket prices.

MEP Arunas Degutis produced the report which led to the new rule. The research looked specifically at how lo-cost airlines advertised and prices their online fares.

A statement from the European Parliament said: "Air passengers must be treated like other consumers and thus have a right on clear and full information of the price they finally pay.

"By adopting this amendment, [the] parliament wants to put an end to misleading advertising and information of passengers."

Irish MEP Jim Higgins added: "The opening-up of air travel to millions of citizens has been brought about by the low-fares airlines.

"The obligation on airlines to introduce full transparency is extremely welcome and very important, because the consumer will now see from the very outset exactly what he or she will have to pay."

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