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Holidaymakers explore exotic locations

Cheaper and more available long-haul flights from the UK are encouraging people to look to more exotic locations when searching for a holiday home, an industry expert has claimed.

Hetal Shah, director of Investors Provident, explained that the proliferation of long-haul flights meant that whole new markets had suddenly become available for people looking to buy holiday homes abroad.

"People are considering far out locations - especially with air travel becoming cheaper as well. People are willing to travel more," he added.

"It's just moving away from Europe - I think Europe has really been done, and done, and done.

"When markets like Brazil open up, you go there, you have a good time, and you think: 'You know what? It looks like an amazing place and I'd like to own a house there'."

Mr Shah added that European budget airlines were also opening up unusual destinations on the continent for UK holidaymakers.

Recently carriers like Zoom Airlines have begun to offer long-haul flights at heavily discounted prices.

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