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Air France's online baggage discount

Air France will offer passengers checking in online a discount on any luggage that exceeds the airline's weight limits.

Passengers will be able to buy additional baggage allowance in lots of 5kg (up to an extra 50kg). The cost of these lots will be 30 per cent less than they would be if paid for at the airport.

Currently, passengers on Air France flights have a baggage limit of 20kg for economy passengers and 30kg for business-class flyers.

At the moment, the online option is only available to passengers using the French version of the company's website, but there are plans that it will be introduced internationally in the near future.

"This new innovative service enables passengers to avoid the last-minute stress of buying additional allowance when checking in for their flight," explained Patrick Roux, head of marketing at Air France.

"We intend to extend this service to all our other international sites as early as this autumn."

Recently, Air France revealed that passengers flying in Europe will be able to use their mobile phones on flights in the near future.

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