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Long holidays 'require insurance'

June 2007

People planning longer holidays this summer need to make sure they have comprehensive travel insurance, an industry expert has warned.

Celia Pronto, marketing director at the STA, explained that longer trips required comprehensive travel insurance because it became more likely something would be lost or stolen while away.

"The longer you travel the higher the probability that something will happen, which would result in an insurance claim," Ms Pronto said.

"[We] would encourage every traveller to think carefully about the value of each of the items in your backpack/suitcase. You would be surprised by the total this adds up to. Make sure you select a level of policy required to replace all of these items."

Ms Pronto added that travel insurance was particularly important for people thinking about head to a remote or unusual country for their holiday.

"The more remote the country you are travelling to [the] more expensive the cost of repatriation back to the UK in the case of medical emergencies, so the more important is it to have adequate travel insurance."

In conclusion, Ms Pronto pointed out that the benefits of travel insurance extended beyond the cover itself. She explained: "Insurance is not just for emergencies, but also to help you enjoy your trip, secure in the knowledge that you are covered against the unexpected."