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Holidaymakers 'need sun protection'

People could be seriously risking their health when they head off on holiday this summer because they do not know enough about protecting themselves from sunburn, a new report suggests.

A street survey carried out by campaign group Rub It In found that 73 per cent of people in the UK did not know that UV stood for.

Additionally, 85 per cent of the people questioned were unable to say what the difference between UVA and UVB rays was. Just 65 per cent knew whether their own sun cream protected them against both these dangerous rays.

As people who do not protect themselves effectively against the sun this summer are risking diseases such as skin cancer, the group recommended several purchases before heading off on holiday.

Firstly, a good sun cream which protects against both UVA and UVB rays is vital. A statement from the group read: "A good quality sun lotion is essential but it should not be your only defence against harmful UV rays."

It added that supplements, protective goggles and UV protective swimwear were also good investments.

Figures from Cancer Research UK suggest that there are over 75,000 new cases of skin cancer reported in the UK every year and that many of them are a result of burning while on holiday.

As a result, it is vitally important people prepare before travelling and act sensibly while on holiday, the charity advises.

Tony Hill

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Tony Hill