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People 'could save online'

People travelling to the US this summer could save money by using online currency exchange services, a new report suggests.

According to Peopleschampion.com, a consumer could get $26 more when exchanging £1,000 if they shop around and use an online exchange service rather than a high street bank.

"Traditionally, consumers have gone to their high street bank or the Post Office for their foreign currency, but you can save significant amounts if you book online," explained Jim Spowart, the chairman of the website.

"What's the point in giving the money to the bank when you can be spending it on yourself?"

Some online currency exchange services also offer free delivery of the money, or else it can often be picked up at the point of departure.

Earlier this year, the exchange rate between pound and dollars breached a high set in 1992. This means that people holidaying in the US could find goods and services to be comparatively cheap.

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