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Travellers still need insurance

People need to be vigilant and ensure that they have adequate travel insurance before setting off on holiday, new research suggests.

According to research carried out for Insure and Go, 1.3 million people from the UK have been victims of debit and credit card fraud while abroad in the last five years.

The data also suggests that the problem is getting worse, with a third of these crimes occurring in the last 12 months.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent)of the people who had been a victim of holiday fraud said they had lost over £1,000, showing just how important comprehensive travel insurance is for anyone planning their summer holiday.

"As our research shows, holiday card fraud is a massive problem and is continuing to get worse," Perry Wilson, from the company, explained.

"It has become more common for people to have their cards or details stolen, or money stolen or skimmed from their accounts."

Recently, the Times reported that over 1,000 suitcases were stolen from Heathrow in 2006, again highlighting the need for travel insurance when setting off on holiday.

Tony Hill

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Tony Hill